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AFA BHOPAL coaching institute of NIFT/NID/NATA is initiating a 10 day classroom module for NIFT SITUATION TEST/ NID STUDIO TEST. AFA BHOPAL coaching institute is in association with the exuberant talented young soul in a city of soothing lakes. Get mentored by the topmost faculties from NIFT/ NID and see a new world of creation inside you through their eyes. Be a new definition of innovation in a field full of strange and wonderful designs. Explore and expand like water, seas, lakes and oceans. Flow with your imagination of creative ability. The purpose of SITUATION TEST or STUDIO TEST at BHOPAL is to test your ability and vastness of your imagination. Be an AFAIAN and BE the WATER which flows in its own way and makes its own way to go ahead. Join AFA for NIFT SITUATION TEST IN BHOPAL / NID STUDIO TEST and become the traveler of your own dreams. Have courage to pursue your dream and see it coming true.

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NIFT Situation Test in Bhopal

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