The Common Application Form (CAF) is a unique interface through which a student can apply to numerous Fashion, Design & Architecture colleges using a Common application form. AFA's Unique CAF platform enables a student to apply to various Design colleges using a single application form. You can apply to Design Colleges and courses of Pearl Academy, United Institute of Design UID, IIAD, Chitkara University, Jindal, UPES Dehradun and many more. Please choose your college and course to proceed.

Please Keep the Following Ready before Filling the Form

  1. Pasport Pic Size
  2. Xth Certificate (File format : jpg, gif, png, pdf, docx etc)
  3. XIIth Certificate : If Applicable (File format : jpg, gif, png, pdf, docx etc)
  4. Graduation Certificate if Applicable

We have created and posted above an elaborate video tutorial to facilitate you on how to fill a Design College Application Form.

Filling of Design College Application forms is a very crucial step so you must be very careful and attentive while filling the application form and avoid any kind of mistakes or errors.

How to apply in 3 easy steps




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All you want to know about Design College Application Forms

Design College Forms have to be filled and submitted by every candidate who wants to step into the world of creative careers. Design College Admission Forms fill up is the first step towards enrolling yourself into your dream colleges. Design College Application Forms is the most awaited documentation procedure every Design Aspirant is looking forward to, as this happens to be the first stepping stone towards their dream career flight.

Design is a dynamic practice which is evolving every now and then; therefore, design education also involves lots of multiple fields of learning, keeping itself at par with the trending pattern of learning, arrangement, depiction, representation, and implementation.

Therefore, in order to pursue and establish yourself in the career and field of designing, it is very important that you get admission into the Best Design College in India suited for you according to your aptitude and interest.

There are numerous design colleges bringing out their Admission Forms, for the design aspirants to fill up and submit. The design aspirants also get the facility to fill up the Design College Application Forms Online. The Aspirants are shortlisted and offered admission to various colleges either by a national level Design Entrance Exam which is conducted by a sole regulatory authority or by various individual Entrance Exams conducted by the Design Colleges itself.

So, now that you have decided to pursue designing as your career, you must have already started your Design Entrance Exam Preparation and it is the time when mostly all of the Design Colleges will bring out their Application Forms to be filled and submitted by the aspiring candidates. The numerous design colleges in India are a great platform for overall holistic development and skill nurturing in the design aspirants. Therefore, it is crucial for the aspirants not only to focus on the Design Entrance exam, but also to select the best course that aligns and complements their skill sets and interests in the field of design.

You can also apply to Design Colleges for their various design courses like, the PEARL Academy, United Institute of Design (UID), IIAD, Chitkara University, Jindal, UPES Dehradun and numerous more. The aspiring candidates will also get the facility of applying to multiple Fashion, Design & Architecture colleges through a single application form known as Common Application Form (CAF).

Important Points to remember while you are filling up the Design College Application Form:

  1. Do not try to rush: You are sure to make mistakes or errors while filling an online application form if you try to hurry up things. Therefore, always be attentive and concentrate on what you are doing.
  2. Revise: Depending on various online application formats, you might have to fill up multiple pages and will be provided with multiple confirmation pages and edit options at various levels. So, you must use these options well, and not miss out any scope of edits if required.
  3. Avoid Session Time-outs: Many a times you might face problems like session time out or session expire, this might happen for few reasons like, no activity on the page for a considerable amount of time, you are taking longer time to fill the particular fields than the time required, etc. So to avoid this, be quick but do not haste, and use a responsive internet connection.
  4. Keep all the documents handy: Usually the application formats are almost same, so check the above video made by us for your benefit, and keep all the important documents required to complete each and every field ready and handy along with you so that you do not have to search for them and eventually the session gets time-out.
  5. Mandatory Fields: Always remember to check for a (*) sign next to the fields which are mandatory. This means that those fields or information that carry a (*) sign next to them are important and mandatory which means, they have to be filled, you cannot leave out or skip filling them.
  6. Keep an online picture ready: While you are filling out the Application Form, you must ensure you have your-candidate’s picture ready and saved in the computer on which you are filling your application form. You might be required to attach the picture along with the application form in the given field. Before you start filling the form, check with the size and dimension of the image required and as per that you might have to re-size your image if required.
  7. Final Check: Even though you might have checked and edited your application form details at every step, you must still check with the final copy of your application form draft before final submission, so as to avoid any error or mistakes.