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Why Study Design?

All of you who want to become designers take design courses as a professional path at the undergraduate (UG), graduate (PG), and doctoral (Ph.D.) levels. Students with a creative flare frequently choose design as a vocation. The fact that there are many opportunities available to students with various talents, skills, and educational backgrounds makes design professions even better. Design Academics, though competitive but exciting and rewarding at the same time!


Fashion Design

How to get admission in Fashion design Colleges?

Getting Admissions in to a Fashion Design College is really competitive considering the fact that the trend of pursuing creative careers has taken pace. So, Fashion Design Exams of which the most popular is the NIFT, requires an ample amount of Skills. So, you need to go ahead with the following:

  1. Awareness of the particular Fashion Design Exam
  2. Get Conversant with the Syllabus
  3. Strategies your Action Plan
  4. Get hold of Appropriate & Comprehensive Study Materials
  5. Time Management Skill Practice
  6. Solving Previous Year’s Questions Papers, Mock Test Series, & Sample Test Papers

Graphic Design

How to get admission in Graphic Design Colleges

The process of producing visual content for mass information/message dissemination is known as graphic design. Graphic design, which is regarded as a subset of communication design, is used to produce visual content utilizing components including images, colors, typography, illustrations, and icons.

Candidates must enrol in a course in this design concentration at the undergraduate or graduate level if they want to pursue a career in graphic design. The National Institute of Design (NID), Pearl Academy, and other renowned universities provide courses in graphic design to prospective students.

Steps to prepare for the Entrance Exam:
  1. Getting Familiar with the Exam Syllabus
  2. Solve Sample papers and Previous Years Question papers
  3. Timely Revision
  4. Appear for the Mock Test Series for Self-Evaluation

Interior Design

For Interior Design courses, some institutes focus admission considerations on a candidate's merit, while others require applicants to appear for an entrance exam at the national, state, or institutional level. AIEED, NATA, NID DAT, UCEED, and CEED are a few examples of well-known design entry tests.

  1. Stay up to date on current events, particularly in the honours and personalities category. Look through materials connected to art and culture.
  2. Observe. Yes, just observe everything around you. Learn how things function and how they seem from various perspectives.
  3. Examine the components and production methods used to make everyday items.
  4. Put non-verbal thinking into practise and familiarise yourself with the ideas.
  5. For the drawing portion, refine your freehand drawing of circles, lines, and other shapes. When sketching, be swift.
  6. Get familiar with fundamental human figures and perspective.

Animation and Multimedia Design

Candidates who have completed their animation degree have a wide range of professional options. They can find employment with prestigious organizations in India. Additionally, there are jobs in India as well as abroad. The ability to command more will increase as the applicants gain more experience in this profession.

  1. Work on your illustration and composition skills.
  2. Imaginative Skill Enhancement
  3. Ace your Sketching Skills
  4. Work on your Design Skills
  5. Following regular Design Journals, online blogs, etc.

Product Design

The design, production, and use of the things we encounter every day are the topics covered in the Product Design course. Students who do a course in product design are prepared for careers in the manufacturing and product design sectors. Students learn in-depth techniques for dealing with complex issues, investigating original solutions, developing design abilities, and much more. There are National Level Exams for Product Design College Admissions like, UCEED, AIEED, CEED, etc.

Therefore, to crack the Product Design Entrance Exams the skill sets required are:

  1. It will require aspirants to communicate their Ideas through their drawings, so enhance your drawing and sketching skills.
  2. Problem solving attitude
  3. Coming up with innovative, creative, unique, solutions with the best of functionality.
  4. Basic computing knowledge of the latest design softwares, apps.
  5. Staying up to date with latest design in the particular field of interest.

Jewelry and Accessory Design

An Jewelry & Accessory designer creates ornaments and accessories to go with an outfit. An accessory designer is extremely imaginative, just like an apparel designer. Candidates must have an artistic enthusiasm and a desire to express themselves through their work in order to become a jewelry and Accessory designers.

Because India's fashion sector is trending rapidly, a job as a Jewelry & Accessory designer can be quite rewarding.

The Popular Design College Entrance Exams are, NIFT, NID, CEED, etc.

  1. Before the entrance exam begins, take online Mock Tests and work on the previous year's papers.
  2. Make a schedule for your preparation for the entrance examinations.
  3. Consider creating a memory chart. That enables you to advance quickly.
  4. Gather question papers from past years and practise the questions and answers.
  5. Put a lot of effort on the areas where you are lacking.
  6. Become more time-conscious. Learning time management is crucial since only then can you attempt the majority of the questions in the allotted time.
  7. Don't waste time trying to answer challenging questions throughout the test.
  8. Avoid attempting to answer questions that are unclear if there is negative marking.

Textile Design

In the creative realm of textile design, designs are created for fabrics, prints on fabrics, yarns, fibres, embroidery, etc. Apart from the world of fashion, textiles are utilized practically everywhere for things like bulletproofing, soundproofing, and safety gear like helmets. Examinations include NIFT, AIEED, NID, etc.

  1. Complete the sample papers from the past 3–4 years in the allotted time. Evaluate.
  2. Consider your areas of strength and weakness. Concentrate on the area where you genuinely need to improve and practise more.
  3. Get advice from someone you believe can better guide and inspire you if you connect with any textile students or NID graduates.
  4. Don't get distracted by over-preparing; keep it basic. Pay attention to the areas that will help you qualify. The process of preparation never ends.
  5. If you're still unclear, you can join any reputable coaching institute to have your preparation automated by them.

Industrial Design

Industrial design is a process where design is used to create products that are built using certain procedures, after which production occurs. Industrial design is a career that involves creating goods that are used by people all over the world, including equipment, objects, and services. Some of the Popular exam for Industrial Design Academics in India are; UCEED, CEED, NID, etc.

The below steps will help you to crack the Design Entrance Exams to get admissions into their Industrial Design Course program:

  1. Become acquainted with the test syllabus
  2. Put together the best books for NID 2024 preparation.
  3. Create a schedule.
  4. Make a timetable
  5. Set Short and Long term Goals
  6. Solve sample papers, Mock Test Series, and Previous Year's question papers.
  7. Get enough rest and maintain positivity

Game Design

Designing games for amusement, education, fitness, or experimental objectives is the practice of using design and aesthetics. Aspirants to this design specialization must produce games for tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktop computers.

NID Entrance Exam, UCEED, Pearl Academy Entrance Exam, UPES DAT, and other entrance exams are among those in India that are accepted for admission to programs in game design.

Steps to get you through the Entrance Exams to get admissions into the Game Design Facutly in a reputed Design Institute:

  1. Passion
  2. Good Organizational Skills
  3. Creativity and Imagination
  4. Story Telling Skills
  5. Problem Solving Skills
  6. Staying Persistent
  7. Visualizations Skills

About Design

With Gen Z taking a move into the most potential and creative fields of academics, Design Learning and studies have seen a tremendous growth, and demand. Earlier, fashion has been frequently mentioned in relation to designing courses in India, but it is not the only field encompassed. The most popular design programs in India cover contemporary and trending faculties like graphics, animation, industrial, and communication design.

A degree in the field of design can be earned in three to five years of rigorous but rewarding study. Your theoretical and practical skills will be perfectly complemented by design degree programs. The majority of design graduates specialize in one particular field, such as 2D or 3D design, product or graphic design, fashion or textiles, or gaming or industrial design. However, there are many additional programs that provide a comprehensive overview of the entire process.

So, select one of the above design courses and go for it. And create an outstanding career ahead!

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