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Join The Best Online Coaching For NIFT SITUATION TEST

The NIFT Situation Test Online Coaching, which AFA India offers in a comprehensive and interactive methodology, is among the Best NIFT Situation Test Coaching Institute, has to offer.

Imagine yourself in the NIFT Situation Test, where you are given some materials to make a 3D model in a limited time !

Do you think it is going to be a tough job?

If so, here you are sure to find some help.

When you enroll with us, instantly you will get a NIFT Situation Test Kit. This kit comprises various materials required for the situation test.

Your precious time is very valuable; therefore, do not waste going around looking for the things here and there. We have already collected and packed them for you in the NIFT Situation Test Kit.

Now, we will discuss all about the NIFT Situation Test.

All the aspirants or the candidates for B.Des or Bachelor’s of Design who qualify the first round of the NIFT Entrance Exam, have to appear for the Situation Test. The NIFT Situation Test is very competitive and takes a lot of practice. Therefore, it is very important the kind of study material or practice book you follow as the situation test is to assess your imaginative and creative skills.

Enroll for NIFT Situation Test online Live classes.

Fees Payment

( Note :- This course can be converted to regular classroom coaching course by paying rest of the fees)


NIFT Situation Test Online Live Coaching Course Features


  1. Live Classes from the Faculties

    • Sessions conducted in a friendly and inclusive environment for better two-way communication between Student & faculty
    • Faculties will teach LIVE for the preparation of the NIFT SITUATION TEST where students can interact and communicate with them
    • Similarly, all Problems and Solutions will be discussed by the Faculties
    • In conclusion, imparting the awareness regarding the DO’s & DON’Ts for the Test
  2. Recorded Video Links

    • Complete set of Recorded videos to see all the utmost important and relevant ways to prepare for Situation Test
    • Best and Most Complicated Problems of Situation Test – Solution by the faculties in Time
    • Examples of Models from previous year examination
  3. NIFT Situation Test Online Coaching Exclusive Study Material

    • Study Material exclusively designed for the preparation of Test
    • Detailed Layouts divided into Stage
    • Examples of Previous year questions – Solved & Unsolved
    • All Previous Year papers of Situation Test
  4. Introduction to NIFT Situation Test

    • Complete Introductory sessions for students to get in-depth knowledge about the Situation Test Stage
    • Discussing various aspects and types of questions asked in NIFT
  5. Guidance for Preparation

    • Guiding the students regarding how to attempt questions
    • Conceptualizing and Layout making Guidance
  6. Basic Guidance for model making

    • Teaching the basics of Model Making beginning with basic Geometrical forms
    • Converting Geometric forms in functioning models
    • Practice exercises for self-learning
    • Sharing Examples of Basic Form making using Origami and other methods
    • Adapting various models using these forms –Examples will be discusses
  7. Tips and Tricks to Complete Models in time

    • Best ways to Crack the Entrance
    • Avoiding the casual errors
    • Guidance on the write-up
  8. Detailed Model Making

    • Detailed discussion and model making
    • Sharing examples of Models Made by students previously
    • Guidance on Material handling in exquisite detail
    • Handling Limited Material in Lesser time
    • Manufacturing, Stability and Decoration tips
    • Guidance on Time Management
  9. Solved examples of Situation Test Models

    • Solved examples of Situation Test – for practice and learning
    • Deconstructing the models and discussion in detail with the Experts
  10. Evaluation of the model made by the students

    • Regular Evaluation of Models designed by students
    • Marking based on the model – similar to the Actual examination
  11. Feedback from the Experts

    • Feedback on the models made by students
    • Suggestions for the betterment and regular interaction 24 X 7
    • Time Management assistance
  12. Mock Preparation Tests

    • Solving of Mock tests to get a real-time experience of NIFT Situation Test
    • Guidance on attempting a variety of questions and exceptional scenarios
    • Tricks to come out of Problematic Scenarios
  13. Previous Year Questions papers

    • Problems from previous year papers discussed in details
    • Various possibilities of a Single model discussed for a better understanding on Model making
    • Discussing all variety of models

What is the NIFT Situation Test?

The NIFT Situation Test is a 2 hours paper. It is only when you have qualified the GAT (General Ability Test) and the CAT (Creative Ability Test) you will be able to appear for the situation test. The Situation Test holds a 20% weightage of the total examination. This test is held in the given NIFT Exam Centres mostly the NIFT Campuses, according to the choice given by you on the application form.

The NIFT Situation Test judges you on various creative and imaginative parameters, basically as the name suggests it is a situation test, and you will be given a question and you have to solve it. In other words, here solving means creating a 3D model or three-dimensional model of something that they have asked. Therefore, this model has to be made out of the materials that NIFT supplies you at the examination center. Here you will be given three options from which you have to choose one. And then you have to explain it in your write-up. This Exam assesses the innovativeness and the uniqueness of the model you create.

NIFT Situation Test Study Material:

The NIFT Study materials should be extensive enough so as to equip you with the important factors that are considered while your 3D model is judged upon. The Situation Test Study Material should provide you with the complete theory and practical knowledge. It should contain graphic model making solutions of all types, set in stages to develop your model skills that will surely contribute in helping you to make models in limited time.

The Academy of Fashion and Art is not only known to be among the best NIFT Entrance Exam Preparation Coaching Institute but also has a great reputation for providing students with a great collection of comprehensive study materials. In addition, the AFA India study materials are compiled by our experienced faculty members, who are ex faculties or Alumni from top design colleges with immense experience.

Above all, the Academy of Fashion and Art has a huge collection of Sample Test Papers and original Previous Year’s Question Papers which will help in your preparation for the Situation Test. They also have a great compilation of NIFT Situation Test Practice Book that will help you to develop your 3D model-making skills. Therefore, the benefits of the NIFT Situation Test Practice Book are:

  1. Firstly, brain Storming, Material Handling ability, conceptualizing skill development to the final 3D Model designing; all these are provided with graphical details.
  2. Secondly, learning about basic geometrical forms, their creation, and their use in complex and detailed 3D models.
  3. Finally, the efficient use of materials from scratch to ultimate 3D models.
  4. More than 10 Solved NIFT Situation Test Previous Year’s Question Papers with drawings and write-up.
  5. Similarly, techniques involved in various types of model creation.
  6. In addition, practice questions with conceptual guidelines.
  7. After that, aesthetical sense and skills developing model example
  8. In conclusion, enhancing the understanding of model functionality and space utilization

So, now let us dive into the most interesting part.

How to prepare for the NIFT Situation Test?

The time duration of the NIFT Situation Test is 2 hours therefore, you have to time yourself really well. Hence, when it comes to preparing yourself for the NIFT Situation Test, you not only have to be creative and innovative, you also have to enhance your observation skills and need to practice a lot. Below the things which you should keep in mind you are preparing for the NIFT Situation Test.

  1. Enhance Observation Skills: Try and observe everything you come across around you. Design of furniture, cars, human figures, buildings houses, etc. And, start taking inspiration from them.
  2. Enhance creative skill: Try to think of a topic, maybe a current social scenario or situation, and start thinking of what relevant 3D model you can make depicting that situation.
  3. Idea development: Try to develop new and relevant ideas, that might be asked in the Situation Test in accordance with the NIFT Situation Test Previous Year’s Question Papers.
  4. Conceptualize your ideas: When you have come up with a concept, start off by sketching, that is in your mind. Then try to create a 3D model or figure of that with various different materials that you have available.
  5. Start cutting and combining: Start to work with different kinds of materials. Cut and combine them with other materials.

Useful Tips to Crack the NIFT Situation Test

  1. Try and use the maximum of all the materials supplied to you
  2. Make sure you have ample time to work on your write-up after creating the model.
  3. While working on the model, keep thinking about the write-up.
  4. Jotting down the points, while you are at it. Making points of whatever comes to your mind regarding the model you are making.
  5. Always, keep in mind that you will not be there to talk about or represent your ideas behind what you have made. Therefore, while making the model, simultaneously take down the points and elaborate on them after you have finished making your 3D model.
  6. Hence, the importance of the write-up is very essential and it is recommended to devote at least a good 25-30 minutes to your write-up.
  7. Most importantly, do not cut your cardboard! Yes, you might need to use it as the base if you are making an elaborate layout including 2-3 structures. Even if you are making a single 3D puppet/human figure or a mascot keep a small piece of it to use as the base. This really will count on the finesse scale while your model is assessed.
  8. Therefore, before you start using the material; it is very important to divide what and how much of material will go into using for which part of the model. This will also ensure that you do not fall short of the material.
  9. The initial 5-10 minutes will actually go into segregating the materials for various use involved while putting together the whole model.
  10. Therefore, while the anxiety of the examination, you might lose out on your plan of action or might forget something that you might have thought of initially among the whole heap of materials provided. So, just scribble down the number of materials and which will go into making which part of the model. This will just make your task easy and systematic.
  11. So, you see why it is very essential to manage your time well in the NIFT Situation Test.
  12. Most importantly, you should keep your model clean, the finesse and material handling skills are assessed, for example, do not leave fevicol marks on the model. Your examiner should not be looking at a dirty unfinished model.
  13. And finally, remember to arrange things back in place. Any unused material should be put back into the bag or box you were provided and should be disposed of in the trash bin. Keep your table clean.
  14. You should keep in mind that, along with creativity and innovation, it is also about overall presentation skills.

What are the things you should know about the NIFT Situation Test?

Q1. What Kind of Questions is asked in the NIFT Situation Test?

The questions may ask you to make a puppet, mascot, memento, mask, a model to represent a social cause or current event, a paper bag for wedding, a theme park layout, a factory layout or scene, a miniature or any kind of artifact, or anything of regular use or purpose.

Examples of some Situation Test Previous Year’s Questions:

  1. Design a puppet showing women empowerment
  2. Design model showing Peace
  3. Make a mask showing Save Nature
  4. Design a memento for environment protection
  5. Design a Headgear inspired by anyone –
  6. Mythological Character
  7. Sea Animal
  8. Aliens
  9. Design Kid’s Play area inspired by –

    1. Puzzles
    2. Cartoon Character
    3. Panchatantra Tales

It will be very helpful for any aspirant to explore the NIFT Situation Test Previous Year Questions along with their pictures.

Q2. What are the Parameters you are assessed upon in the NIFT Situation Test?

  1. Creative Ability
  2. Innovation and Unique Ideas
  3. Material Handling Skills
  4. Color Composition and Color Scheme theory
  5. Aesthetic appeal
  6. Working Methodology
  7. Out of the box concept
  8. And at the same time the functionality and practicality
  9. Overall Presentation and Neatness
  10. Ability to present the Idea through the write up

Q3. What are the things that I should carry along with me to the Situation Test?

  • Pair of scissors
  • Paper cutter
  • Fevicol, glue, or any other adhesive
  • A Pen

Q4. What are the materials that are provided in the NIFT Situation Test?

The Materials that you might be provided in the Situation Test could vary from colored paper, Card board, thermocol sheet & balls, wire, toothpick, modeling clay, ice-cream sticks, ivory paper, drinking straw, beads, cotton balls, thread, tissue paper etc.

Q5. Is it necessary to enroll in a NIFT Situation Test Online Live Coaching?

This is an important question you should ask yourself only after you have gone through the some of the previous year’s papers. Unless, you do not know what you are up for, you will never know how to prepare for it.

So, as the NIFT Situation Test involves a lot of practice, enhancing your creative and imaginative ability, and requires you to enhance your observation power, it is recommended that you should make use of professional guidance available to you, both offline and online.

In other words, the Academy of Fashion and Art, among the best NIFT Entrance Coaching Institutes, has a well-designed and comprehensive NIFT Situation Test Online Coaching Course. This course will take you through all the major relevant skill development and ability enhance drills required for the situation test so that you can crack the situation test with flying colors.

  1. You will get a 10-12 days workshop on the situation test.
  2. 3D Model preparation on the NIFT pattern
  3. AFA provides Question Bank and Solved 10 Year’s Question paper
  4. We also provide specialist guidance on how to do the write-up and the points which have to be included in the write-up as it holds 5% of the total weightage of the Situation Test.



Material may be as follows:

  • O] WIRE


  • Aesthetic Sense
  • Managerial Ability
  • Hands on Activity
  • Conveying message
  • Creative aptitude
  • Holistic Approach
  • Analytical Approach
  • Effective utilisation of material
  • Smart and creative manipulation of given variety of materials
  • Conceptualisation and Idea
  • An appropriate theme or concept according to the given topic
  • Planning and execution through appropriate layout
  • Precise Write up explaining what, why and how?

NOTE: NIFT wants student to create a 3d model which should be attractive, appealing, creative. Even uniqueness of idea, dedication, ability and overall well presention is evaluated.

Situation test is the second round of test conducted by NIFT. The shortlisted students after their selection in GAT and CAT appear for this test. This test is about 3D model making by manipulating different material provided by the institute itself within the time limit. The material may be different types of papers, thermocol, card board, ice cream sticks, straw, strings, wire etc.

This test plays a very important role in the final selection as it contains 20% of the total weightage. Each model must be accompanied by a caption and a write up of 5o-100 words. Duration of this exam is for 2 hours held at NIFT campus only.

NIFT Situation Test Questions

Material Given: Crepe Paper – A4 Size , Cloth Paper – A4 Size , Mount Board – A4 Size , Straw – 6 , Newspaper , Rubber Band , Thumb Pins (plastic Tops) , Dori Thick White – 1m , Toothpick – 6, Pastel Sheet – A4 Size (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green) Spiral Binding Spring , 1 Full Pack Cotton Roll , Mountboard.


nift question

The utility of the purse is kept in mind, straw is used for a trendy handle, folded paper is providing enough space and a paper flap is added. It looks handy and trendy.

Material Given: Crepe Paper – A4 Size , Cloth Paper – A4 Size , Scrubber - 1, Mount Board – A4 Size , Straw – 6 , Newspaper , Rubber Band , Thumb Pins (plastic Tops) , Dori Thick White – 1m , Toothpick – 6, Pastel Sheet – A4 Size (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green) Spiral Binding Spring , 1 Full Pack Cotton Roll , Mount board , Golden sheet - 1, Spiral Sheet - 1.


nift situation test question

The puppet shows a woman with several hands which moves. She is multitasking giving due importance to culture, tradition and her responsibilities. Use of given material is appropriate.

nift situation question

“Give your Light to the World - Fashion for Peace” it is the humanitarian voice of the World Fashion Week and it international allies.

Its mission is to globally expand the potential power of fashion; as a tool of fighting poverty, further develop economies and implementing Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Business Principles.

From manufacturing to the runway; the handling of fashion goes through the hands of the poorest of the poor as well as the ones most fortunate. Collectively we can work to make the different dimensions of the fashion process more sustainable and fair. Fashion will make a necessary, deeper impact for the betterment of the world.

Answer : - nift situation test question

I have selected this topic because its something passionate and somehow high-up in terms of its concept and visualise.

Colours has been taken Golden & Silver (metallic colours) which matches the performance that are to be taken place in this stage i.e metal rock. Mountboards have been used to make the stage surface & the base. Dori has been used on the Guitar as string as well as to maintain a level of texture in it.

Answer : - situation test models

Answer : - situation test 3d models

Answer : - situation test best models

Answer : - go green models

Answer : - save nature models

Answer : - situation test sport models

Answer : - situation test person models

Answer : - situation test art models

Answer : - situation test environment models

Answer : - situation test wheel models

Answer : - situation test gift models

Work of Nift Situation Test students throughout India during Online Live classes

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NIFT Situation Test Online Coaching

We offer numerous modules of NIFT Situation Test Preparation; one of them is the Situation Test Online preparation coaching. This method is very suitable when the aspirant due to various reasons is unable to come down to our NIFT Coaching Institute. Our NIFT Online Coaching ensures that no aspirant misses out in their preparation for being able to attend classroom coaching. In other words, we have a state-of-the-art infrastructure equipped with the latest technology for uninterrupted online interactive sessions. These online sessions are dual way communication where both the students and teacher can interact.


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NIFT Situation Test Classroom Coaching

The Offline Classroom Coaching for NIFT Situation Test Preparation with us is an interactive and entertaining session throughout the preparation process. Our faculty members not only guide the students and help the students in making 3D models; they also offer valuable insights, tips,' and tricks to help you crack the Situation Test. After that, you will be given feedback individually on each of the aspirant’s 3D models. This in turn will further help in the improvement of your skills.


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Sitation test classsroom coaching

NIFT Situation Test Practice Book

Situation Test Practice Book is your sure shot chance to gain maximum marks in the NIFT situation test. A Practice book with complete theory and practical knowledge with graphic models making solutions of all types, set in stages to develop your model making skills that will help you to make models accurately in time.With complete theory and practical knowledge of 3D model making, you also get TWO DAYS CLASSROOM WORKSHOP @ any AFA Center in New Delhi | Kolkata | Lucknow | Patna | Jaipur | Jamshedpur | Ranchi | Ahmedabad | Bhubaneswar | Raipur | Bhopal | Hyderabad.


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Sitation test booklet

NIFT Situation Test PDF Book & Video Lessons

Situation Test Practice Book is your sure shot chance to gain maximum marks in the NIFT situation test. A Practice book with complete theory and practical knowledge with graphic models making solutions of all types, set in stages to develop your model making skills that will help you to make models accurately in time.With complete theory and practical knowledge of 3D model making,


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