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Online Test Series Packages

NID Test Series499

More Details
  • Analysis of CAT Section
  • NID GAT with Instant Result
  • CAT Result in 3 Days

NATA Test Series999

More Details
  • All Test With Complete Solution
  • Aesthetic Ability Test- Instant Result
  • Drawing Test Result in 3 Days

B. Arch Test Series999

More Details
  • All Test With Complete Solution
  • Individual Analysis of all Section
  • Question Papers from 2009 to 2016

NIFT Test Series999

More Details
  • All Test With Complete Solution
  • NIFT GAT With Instant Result
  • NIFT CAT Result Within 3 days

UCEED Test Series999

More Details
  • All Test With Complete Solution
  • Instant Analysis of Each Section
  • New Pattern Questions

Online Test Series for NIFT NID UCEED/CEED is available at AFA. It is a set of well-compiled Mock Test papers that will make you aware of the NIFT Exam Pattern. Along with NIFT, we also provide numerous Mock Test Series for various other Fashion & Design Entrances like NID, UCEED/CEED, etc.

Our NIFT NID UCEED Mock Test Series imparts abundant content for you to learn and practice. This gives you an extra edge and optimizes your NIFT preparation. However, there are numerous Mock Test Papers available on various sources and mediums, but it is very important that the Mock Test series should have well compilation. In addition, while you solve the Mock Test Paper, there should always be someone to guide you through the whole process of evaluation. Unless proper evaluation it will not be possible to find the cause of mistakes and feedback is necessary to further plan how to work on the mistakes.

Therefore, evaluation and feedback are as important as the Mock Test Series itself. And at AFA, you get the facility of taking the Mock Test Series as well as evaluation, feedback, and proper guidance from the mentors. We also have a provision for Online Test Series, which is very suitable for candidates who cannot travel to our NIFT Entrance Coaching Institute.

How can you Benefit from Online Test Series?

The Online Test Series for NIFT NID UCEED we have to offer is packed with a multitude of content and learning resources. Our Online Test series will act as a positive catalyst in your NIFT Preparation. Therefore, learning and practicing what you have learned will be in focused and in balance.

The Online Test Series can also be referred to as Practice Question Papers, and it can even be in the form of Previous Year’s Question Papers. Here, you will get a set of question papers exactly set in the actual Examination Pattern. This is to ensure that you get to know the exam pattern and how well you are going to solve it by strategically working through your action plan as well as keeping the time constraint in mind. The whole purpose of the Online Test Series and sessions is to give the feel of the actual exam prepare you well ahead, what you are up for.

Our set of Online Test Series for NIFT NID UCEED

Moreover, Our NIFT & NID Online Exam Series will help students to get a real-time feel of the actual exam. This in turn will help them to mentally prepare themselves and pump them up with confidence. Our NIFT, NID, and UCEED Online Test Series and set of Practice Question Papers will ensure you get to learn the tricks and techniques involved in efficiently utilizing your time and optimizing your output. You will get hands-on experience to solve the question paper efficiently with a problem-solving approach. However, as you will see in the latter part of this article, that we come with a huge array of Online Test modules and package for various Fashion & Design examinations like the NIFT, NID, CEED/UCEED, etc. We have tailor-made and comprehensive packages that will impart a clear understanding of the fundamental concepts and enhance your chances to efficiently and smoothly qualify the written examination.

Therefore, let’s see the practicality of the Online Test Series. Now, that you have prepared the subject well you will have to test yourself how well-prepared you are to take the actual exam. This is where the Online Mock Test Series comes to play. Before the actual exam, you should take the mock test to test and evaluate yourself. Here, you will be able to find out the scoring points along with the shortcomings which you have to work on. Therefore, along with proper learning, taking the regular mock tests is equally essential to test your preparation. Hence, preparation is not just about learning, it also about testing your learning and monitoring your progress, along with constructive feedback from experienced mentors that will help you learn more effectively.

Importance of Online Test Series

Benefits of Online Test Series or Practice Question Paper:

  1. Getting aware of the syllabus
  2. Getting familiar with the Exam Pattern
  3. Understanding the sectional scoring and making it work to your advantage
  4. Practice will make you perfect
  5. Increase in speed, in turn, contributing to efficient time-management
  6. Confidence during the Exam
  7. Evaluation and Assessment
  8. Planning studies accordingly

What are the Online Test Series that we have to offer at AFA?

The Online Test Series we have to offer are:

  1. NIFT Online Test Series
  2. NID Online Test Series
  3. UCEED Online Test Series
  4. CEED Online Test Series

What are the Features of our Online Test Series?

The important features of our online Test Series are:

  1. The Online Test Series for Exams like the NIFT NID and UCEED/CEED contain questions of various difficulty levels in stages, to prepare you systematically towards your goal.
  2. The Mock Test Papers will be evaluated followed by individual feedback by our mentors for your performance enhancement.
  3. We provide the students with a personalized analysis of their performance after each Mock Test Session.
  4. Our Practice Question Papers will comprise of previous year’s question papers and Sample Test papers.
  5. We compile the Practice Tests well-segregated into sectional tests and full-subject tests as per the stages of syllabus completion.
  6. Our NIFT Online Test Series comprises of section-wise tests like; Communication Ability, Quantitative Ability, English Comprehension, General Knowledge, and Analytical Ability.

Why is our NIFT NID Online Test Series the best?

Therefore, you see, if you are looking for a good online test series, you can always rely on the Academy of Fashion and Art. Our Practice Question Papers on NIFT & NID are carefully compiled by our experienced faculty members for your NIFT and NID preparation. We have a Mock Test Series for individual exams like the NIFT Online Test series and NID Online Test Series. We also ensure that you do not waste your valuable time in searching for the Previous Year’s Question Papers. Our Online Test Series include NIFT Previous Year’s Question Papers and NID Previous Year’s Question Papers along with Practice Test Papers for other Design Exams as well.

In addition, our Online Test Series for NIFT, NID, and UCEED will also help in strengthening your fundamental concepts, in turn propelling your learning process. Our NID Online exam series are regularly revised and updated as per any changes in the NID Exam Pattern. Therefore, any student who practices with our NIFT online test series can certainly expect to perform well in the actual examination.

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