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ARCH Academy of Design (ARCH)


ARCH was founded in 2000, under the aegis of ARCH Educational Society to impart industry and globally relevant, specialised education in design.Through the 19 years of our existence, we have grown into a strong community of 6000 professionals, alumni, students, teaching faculty and support staff, all of whom have been a part of our journey.

Our nurturing environment offers a place where you meet new people, seek new understandings, and unearth hidden capacity. Our international representation has increased remarkably over the years with students and faculty members, from countries including Sweden, Japan, Spain, UK, USA, Canada, Nepal, Iran, Korea, Kuwait, Dubai, Colombia, and Brazil, choosing to study and contribute with us as a globally minded institution. The industry-oriented emphasis at ARCH focuses on employability. Equally significant are the entrepreneurship and skill-based courses which impart knowledge and practice of the business aspects of the creative industries.

To promote entrepreneurship, ARCH has conducted a number of workshops for Skilled Entrepreneurship Development sponsored by government bodies. The Incubation Cell at the Jaipur campus provides budding entrepreneurs with the appropriate environment and support for taking their concept from ideation stage to execution. All India Entrance Examination for design (AIEED) conducted by ARCH since 2011 is the only of its kind selection process available to students across India and to international students. Accessible also to interested students the world over, it has interactive components at its core and the online exam is designed to facilitate ease of access for potential students in assessing abilities supporting aspirations for a career in design.

The college offers a wide range of industry-oriented programmes and courses of international standards with university affiliation. Experienced faculty members have developed the curriculum to ensure a standard of excellence and the right combination of practical and theoretical skills, thus understanding the socio-cultural context and industry needs.

ARCH Academy Programmes

Important Dates

Application Forms Available:  
Online Exam Date: 1st Feb - 10th Apr 2024
Batch Starts: May 2024

AIEED (All India Entrance Examination for Design)

ARCH College of Design & Business conducts AIEED (All India Entrance Examination for Design) for Undergraduate & Postgraduate courses in Design. AIEED evaluates the creativity, design sensitivity & aesthetic sense of students seeking careers in the various fields of design. It also tests the logical reasoning & problem-solving aptitude of the student. ARCH invites application for courses mentioned AIEED 2024 towards its Undergraduate & Postgraduate courses for the Academic Year 2024-25.

AIEED 2024 Screening for Design MAIN SCREENING (First Stage)

Time given to you is 24 Hours!
Yes 24 hours!!!

This Screening is divided into THREE parts-

a. Part 1 PED (Psychological Endowments for Design) Screening (200 mks) This is 35 minutes long with Objective style questions.

After finishing this, you will be directed to the next FUN part.

b. Part 2 CATA (Comprehension, Awareness, Thinking & Articulation) Screening (500 marks) It is SITUATION based with a demand for actual PRACTICAL explorations and the sharing of the ‘doing’ process via video, photo, audio RECORDINGS (in Hindi or English)

You are given TWO Tasks to do, accompanied by helpful directions and guidance which will assist you to understand its context and possible ways to implement it while generating answers to the questions put to you in the task.

These Tasks are NOT Design Stream Specific and can be attempted by all aspirants.

c. Part 3 PoA (Portfolio of Abilities) & SoP (Statement of Purpose) (150 + 50 marks)

These TWO important bits of information have to be prepared by you in the same 24 hour period. You will be directed to submit them along with the other submissions that you will be required to upload at the end of the Main Screening.

INTERACTION (2ndand Final Stage) (100 marks)

After completion of the Main screening, and after we receive your submissions ON TIME, within 24 hours, you will receive directions for participating in an Interaction online on a later date.

All the above stages and the parts in them are assessed and marked by our admissions panel.


If you have successfully cleared the Screening and attained a score adjudged requisite for a career in Design, you may be invited to complete the formalities of the admission process to gain your place on a course of your choice at ARCH.

Selection Criteria (For Both UG & PG)

The selection of candidates is strictly merit based. The cumulative performance in all parameters mentioned below will be considered for the final selection of candidates.

  • Performance in past education
  • AIEED exam result
  • Performance in Interview + Portfolio.


Application Fee is Rs 3,000. Applications fee can be paid in cash, through Demand Draft or online on

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