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  • 1. Design an office organizer with  a pen stand ,al-pin & u-clip container and an open box to keep envelops and a stapler holder.
  • 2. Design a vanity case for a female with the provisions to keep lipsticks, nail paint, safety pins and a perfume bottle
  • 3. Design a a 3d paper weight for an executive.
  • 4. Design a stage for rock concert.


Material provided :

  • 1. Card Board A4 size
  • 2. Pastel Paper sheet A4 size of different colour
  • 3. Copper wire
  • 4. Tape roll
  • 5. Cotton rope  
  • 6. Al-pins
  • 7. plasticin clay
  • 8. Ivory sheets
  • 9. Golden and silver paper A4 size



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  • 1. NID conducts 1/2days workshop at Ahmedabad after the declaration of the results of DAT-Design Aptitude Test. This workshop is known as Studio Test. It includes a series of test.
  • 2. 3-D model making-It involves making of 3-D models using the given materials such as clay, wire, string, different kinds of paper, thermacol, cloth etc. The time limit may vary from 30minutes - 45minutes.
  • 3. Thematic/psychometric test- This test is based on your observation and presence of mind. The time limit may be 1minute-10minutes.
  • 3. Audio/visual test-A candidate has to listen to an audio or may be shown a video clipping for a minute and then he/she is to answer a series of questions based on them.
  • 4. Portfolio Review- It plays a very important role in the NID’s final selection. A candidate must carry a collection of his/her original work which may include manual drawing and sketching, photographs, computer layouts etc. A candidate must have complete knowledge about his/her work and all the work must be presented very neatly.
  • 5. Interview-It is face to face conversation between the  candidate and interviewers. Dress up in your usual manner and present yourself in a relaxed state of mind. Answer their questions smartly, confidently and very important honestly.



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