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AFA is providing NIFT/NID TEST series for NIFT NID entrance -2013. The series comprises previous years papers and Mock NIFT/NID Tests based on the pattern of NIFT/NID in the last years. Your concepts are clear, preparations adequate, but you don't understand "what to do and what not to do in NIFT/NID Entrance test". The Test Series helps you strategize and re-strategize if required. The test series lets you exhaust all possible goof ups so that the real test goes perfect.

Test Series enables you to take MOCK NIFT/NID tests before the actual test, not only once but several times. So that you know what you are doing right, retain that and discard what you are doing wrong at the earliest! You will be provided with an answer key and detailed explanatory answers to all the questions in each of the Mock test of NIFT general ability test. you can solve the NIFT creative test and NID test at your home and send those solutions to us. We will get it checked by our faculty and send it back to you in three days after we receive your solutions. The faculty will not only find out the mistakes but will also give you the tips to solve questions.


NIFT (UG DESIGN) Tests(18)


The series comprises previous 15 years CAT papers and 6 MOCK papers of NIFT with Solutions.The Tests will be sent in two packs of 6 tests each. The fees for the Test series is Rs.1250 (Rupees one thousand two Hundred Fifty only)

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NID (GDPD) Tests(12)


The series comprises previous 6 years papers and 6 MOCK papers of NID with solutions.The Mock Tests will be sent in two packs of 6 tests each. The fees for the Test series is Rs.1150 (Rupees one thousand one Hundred Fifty only)

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Test Series contains 18 tests of NIFT and 12 Tests of NID.The tests will be sent in three packs of 10 tests eachwith solutions. The fees for the Mock Test series is Rs.2100 (Rupees two Thousand one Hundred only)

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